Viva l'Italia

We Italians must be proud of this woman who will chair the lower house of our Parliament. 51 years-old, journalist and writer, Mrs Boldrini is one of the most honest, sober, expert women of our times.

Neither a showgirl, nor an old politician, she started her career at the United Nation with FAO, after a degree in Law at la Sapienza University. She has always been fighting for the rights of the poor and of the unfortunate. From 1998 to 2012 she worked as a spokesperson of Unhcr. On 25 of February she was elected with SEL (Sinistra ecologia e Liberta), the left-wing party leaded by the Puglia governor, Nichi Vendola.

When she served the Unhcr, she visited many refugees camps, above all in Africa.

She harshly attacked the Italian government for forcing away the unarmed refugees ships coming from North Africa.

During her first speech as a speaker she said: “Let it be the house of good politics”.

Mrs Boldrini is now the speaker of the youngest Parliament of Europe. Furthermore, 31% of the members of both the Chambers (camera and Senate) are women. It’s an important result for our country, where achievements in fostering equality between women and men are slow.

Her election is a message of hope for all the women victims of sexual assault, for all the prisoners in the jails, for all the persecuted refugees.

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