Viva l'Italia

Italy’s head of State, Giorgio Napolitano, appointed two commissions composed by 10 wise men aimed at sorting out the political crisis and proposing new urgent reforms.

Furthermore, Napolitano did not resign and announced he would stay until the end of his mandate, on May 15th.

That decision is the proof of President’s foresight. As a father and a real patriot, he did not escape his responsibility and would not leave Italy in a mess. He knows very well that his country is still exposed to high risks of speculation on the financial markets.

No doubt Mr Napolitano has been among the best serving Presidents over the past 30 years or so. During his seven years in office, he had to face many tough challenges including an extremely difficult decision, taken in October 2011, to make it possible for former European Commissioner Mario Monti to head a technocrat government, following Silvio Berlusconi’s resignation that left Italy in an extremely precarious situation.

There is, however, something that the President could not be proud of. The decision not to include women and young experts in the newly created team of experts is profoundly wrong. It’s true that Napolitano had to act quickly to avoid further delays, but the lack of time does not justify his choice.

Many female politicians, economists and renowned experts such as Emma Bonino, Fiorella Kostoris, Debora Serracchiani, Rosy Bindi, Mercedes Bresso, Diana Bracco, Emma Marcegaglia, Lella Golfo, Susanna Camusso, Milena Gabanelli, Giulia Bongiorno, Luisa Todini, Margherita Hack could well have played important role in the delicate transition.

People here say that could only happen in Italy. Local women must reflect on the roots of the issue and strongly react because all political choices, especially crucial ones, should necessarily represent the society with all its elements.

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