Viva l'Italia

In the garden of beasts

A few weeks ago, during my visit to New York City, I heard about the story of Paula Deen, 66, an american celebrity chef who had been fired by the Food Network and had lost almost all her sponsor such as Wallmart, the pharma giant Novo Nordisk and QVC, after using the “N-word”. She is also accused by her employees to promote a racist work environment.

In USA, if you use racist slurs or remarks, such as the N-word, you will be immediately accused of racism, even if you are a tv star as Paula Dee.

Several days after, in Italy, during a radio interview, the Vice-president of the Senate and leader of Northern League party, Roberto Calderoli, compared the black government minister for Equal Opportunities, Cecile Kyenge, to an orangutan.

Born and grown in Congo, Kyenge has lived in Italy since 1983, where she graduated and became eye doctor and where she met her Italian husband. Thy have two daughters.

Soon after the Prime minister, Enrico Letta, other members of his Government and many politicians widely called for Calderoli’s resignations, but he answered that he wouldn’t. According to Letta: “This is a shame, Italy is not like this”.

Nevertheless, the Northern League declared that there was nothing to apology for and announced that the party will organize a new demostration against the illegal immigration.

However Calderoli is now under investigation by the Brescia Public prosecutor office for defamation against Kyenge.

Several years ago, when he was minister, during a Tv show, Calderoli also wore a T-shirt with outrageous slurs against the Muslims.

One more time: for the good and the reputation of our Country, it is time for Calderoli to immediately resign.

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