Viva l'Italia

Italy never fails to astonish us.

In the beginning of July 2014 Costa Concordia Captain Francesco Schettino, who is still on trial over manslaughter and abandoning ship, took part in a conference on forensic psychopathology in Rome. The seminar was organized by La Sapienza University School of Medicine, Tuscany’s popular newspaper La Nazione reported.

In an official press release, La Sapienza rector Mr Luigi Frati said that Schettino’s speech was not authorized by the University and that he actually was not invited to attend. In other words, one of the professors invited Schettino without a formal permission from his bosses. “Academic freedom does not mean irresponsibility”, Frati said.

Commenting on the news, Italy’s Minister for Education Stefania Giannini described it as “shocking”. “Academic self-government should not harm the memory of the victims of the Costa Concordia incident or their families”.

Now everybody is blaming the La Sapienza University professor for having invited captain Schettino, but is there anybody else to be held responsible for such a mistake that is bringing shame on one of our best Universities?

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